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         Integrated Hydrocarbon Management and President
         Malaysia Gas Association, Petronas; Syarif Kamal,
         Reservoir Engineer, PremierOil; Tadas Matulionis, LNG
         Business Director, AB Klaipedos Nafta among others.         The Gas Indonesia Summit and Exhibition
                                                                     was extremely relevant to business of
                                                                     specific focus on developing innovative,
         Midstream: Fast-Track Integrated Gas Facilities
                                                                     end-to-end solutions for last-mile delivery
         Presentation: Modularity and an Open Mind in the            of gas or LNG to off-grid customers across
         Midstream Gas Processing Market by Jamie Saunier,           Indonesia.
         Director Technology Strategy Eastern Hemisphere,

         Presentation overview: Modular equipment and
         modular facility design have been long proven to
         deliver savings to midstream project cost and schedule,   Panel Discussion was carried out by SNC-Lavalin, Shell
         while improving quality and reducing risk. Success has   and Schlumberger moderated by Pertamina. The theme
         been further increased with the use of: manufacturer   of the panel discussion on the second day of the event
         standard equipment, applying non-traditional execution   was "Prospects for Opportunities in the value chain
         strategies, and maximizing the use of single technology/  of Gas & LNG in Asia". Discussions were held about
         equipment providers and reference plant designs.     Gas Optimization from Upstream to Downstream.
         Key aspects from a project roster of over 40 projects   PGN's Commercial Director Danny Praditya and Melati
         presented how modularity and an open-mind benefited   Sarnita shared information on natural gas optimization
         projects that opened up regions and projects not     in Indonesia and discussed about LNG Buyers and
         previously thought to be feasible.                   Suppliers. Chris Chatterton of Methanol Institute (MI)
                                                              spoke on "New Applications for Natural Gas & LNG".

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