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                                     Connecting Professionals

                                     of the Natural Gas and

                                     LNG Value Chain

                                     Aligning Policy, Regulations and Industrial Activity to Accelerate the Growth

           the event was developed
           under the theme “Accelerating
           Integration of Indonesia’s Gas
           & LNG Infrastructure”, that
           showcased tailored solutions
           designed specifically for the
           South East Asian market...

             ndonesia’s leading conference and exhibition for   “Accelerating Integration of Indonesia’s Gas & LNG
             the integrated natural gas and LNG industry, Gas   Infrastructure”. The event showcased tailored solutions
          IIndonesia Summit & Exhibition, covered full-stream   designed specifically for the South East Asian market
          natural gas value chain from upstream E&P, processing   developed from long history and in-depth understanding
          & refining, marketing & distribution, downstream     of the complexities of successful project execution in
          utilization and power generation. The third edition of   this challenging region.
          the three-day event, organized by DMG::Events (Global
          Energy) and supported by SKK Migas concluded on      As Indonesia's only full-stream Natural Gas & LNG
          3  August 2018 at Jakarta Convention Centre, Indonesia   Event, the Gas Indonesia Summit & Exhibition was
          having key focus on regional oil & gas and power teams.   supported by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral
          It's an annual exhibition and conference dedicated to   Resources (ESDM), Special Task Force for Upstream
          the local and international stakeholders interested in   Oil and Gas Activities (SKK Migas) and Perusahaan
          doing business in the dynamic Indonesian gas and LNG   Listrik Negara (PLN) PT Persero and was hosted by PT
          market. The event was developed under the theme      Perusahaan Gas Negara (Persero) Tbk (PGN).

          6   August 2018 - October 2018 LNG TODAY
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